Major Advantages of the OPTODYNE System

AP 1102: Alignment of a Long Guide Way

AP 1103: Alignment of a Parallel Guide Way

AP 1104: Calibration of CNC Machines by machinee tool operator

AP 1105: Rotary Table Calibration without using a Reference Rotary Table with a Hirth coupling

AP 1106: Calibration of a Surface Plate with Laser Becomes Easier than an Electronic Level

AP 1107: Measurement of Settling Time and Resonance Frequency of a Stage or Machine

AP 1108: Laser/Ballbar - Two Instruments in One

AP 1109: Sequential Diagonal Measurement (determine linear position errors and straightness errors of all 3 axes with 4 diagonal measurements

AP 1110: Volumetric Compensation of CMM Ma chinea Using Sequential Diagonal Meaurement

AP 1111: Harmonic Motion Test on the Acceleration and Deceleration of a Machine Tool

AP 1112: Laser Non-contact and High-Resolution Dial-indicator for Spindle run-out and 5-axis machines

AP 1113: One-day Quick-check System

AP 1114: Laser Non-contact Spindle error motion measurement

AP 1115A: Multiple-pass optical adapter for high resolution in turbulent environment

AP 1116: Calibration of a 5-axis machine by volumetric positioning and tool tip positioning measurement

AP 1117: Calibration of Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) by a MCV-5002 Laser Calibration System

AP 1118: Squareness, Parallelism and Straightness Measurement

AP 1119: Pitch and Yaw Angular Error Measurement Using a MCV-500 Laser Calibration System

AP 1120: A Laser head with (20 mm) diameter beam for the applications with Long range, large air turbulence and flying chips

AP 1121: How to measure the 18 positioning errors and Circular contouring errors with a single laser system MCV-500C

Calibrate the rotary A- and B axis of a 5-axis machine

Non-Circular contouring Meaurement for Servo Tuning and Dynamic Performance of a CNC Machine

A Linear Actuator System with 1-angstrom Closed-Loop Control Resolution and 50-millimeter Range

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