OPTODYNE’s LB-500 Laser/Ballbar (Patent Pending) is an add-on package to OPTODYNE’s MCV-500, Linear-Machine Calibration System. The combined system can used to calibrate CNC machine tools, CMM’s (Coordinate Measuring Machines), and other precision measuring machines and stages and perform circular test for servo-tuning and dynamic testing.
OPTODYNE’s Laser/Ballbar provides a rapid and efficient way of measuring a machine’s contouring accuracy along a circular path. The circular test shows how the axes work together to move the machine in a circular path. The deviations from a perfect circle are caused by errors such as back lash, servomismatch, scale mismatch, machine geometry, periodic errors, strick-slip, etc. A polar plot is then generated to show the machines true contouring capabilities.
Because of the unique capabilities, High Data Rates, (up to 1000 data/sec), High Resolution (0.01nm – 0.000001’’), dynamic errors at high machine feed rates can also be determinated. The WindowsTM software, running on any IBM compatible computer, is user friendly and designed to collect and analyze data in accordance with a variety of industry standards.
• Easy to setup and operate
• Non-contact, no cables to worry about, no friction or bearings
• Radius can be varied continuously from 0.1” to 3”
• High data rates, up to 1000 data/second
• N.I.S.T traceable laser accurancy
• WindowsTM software and Notebook PC
• Static calibration and dynamic tuning “two instruments in one”
• Automatic environmental compensation
• Compact and portable
• Measures velocity and acceleration
• Calibration on CNC machine tools and CMM’s
• Squareness of machines axes
• Quality control Maintenance
• Dynamic testing of machines