Automatic Rotary Table Calibration Package

OPTODYNE's RT-100A Automatic Rotary Table Calibration Package is an add-on to Optodyne's MCV-2002 Linear and Angular Machine Calibration Instrument (or the enhanced MCV-4000 model). The combined system can be used to calibrate rotary tables or stages with high accuracy. Optodyne's method is different from the conventional comparative approach using a laser interferometer, where the test device is compared to the known inaccuracies in a master rotary calibrator. This comparative approach is both very expensive and difficult to use.
Optodyne's machine calibration instruments are based on our proprietary and patented Laser Doppler Displacement Meter (LDDM) Technology. The dual-beam laser system can be used by itself to measure a rotational angle up to 10 degrees. With the supplied small turntable, the angular measurement range can be extended to 360 degrees in increments up to 10 degrees. Hence, the combinations can be used to calibrate rotary tables or stages.
Uses Optodyne's standard dual-beam laser system
High accuracy and repeatability
Elimination of the expensive, calibrated indexing table
Easy and fast to set up and use
True angular measurement (centering, runout, wobble, parallelism, co-axial alignment and other set up inaccurancies not critical)
Compact and very affordable
Calibration of CNC machine tools rotary axis
Calibration of rotary tables or stages
Quality control maintenance
Compensation of rotary position errors
Because of the large alignment tolerance of Optodyne's laser system, angle measurements are not affected by the runout, wobble, parallelism or co-axial alignment of the rotary tables. The setup and alignment is easy and fast. The accuracy of the measurement is determined by the outstanding accuracy of the laser system alone. Under normal setup conditions, this accuracy is better than 1 arcsec.
Dual retroreflectar
Automatic turntable with controller
Adjustable mount
Rotary table calibration accessories
Rotary table calibration program
W- 105
Notebook PC computer (not included)
CAPABILITY (Volumetric Calibration):
Laser stability
0.1 ppm
System accuracy
0.2% of displayed value
0.2 arcsec (higher resolution available)
Angular range
10 degrees, 360 degrees with a turntable