TA004E: Non-contact Circular Tests Using a Laser/Ballbar
(C.P. Wang, B. Griffin)

TA005E: Evaluation of Machine Tool Contouring Accuracy at High Feed Rates
(C.P. Wang, B. Griffin; Dr. M. Omari and D. Ajao, General Motors Corporation, Metal Fabricating Division).
Proceeding of the ASPE 15th Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Az, October 22 to 27, 2000

TA006E: A new Laser Non-contact Method for the Measurement of a spindle Error Motion
(C.P. Wang)

TA008E: A Laser Non-contact Measurement of Static Positioning and Dynamic Contouring Accuracy of CNC Machine Tool
(C.P. Wang, G. Liotto) Measurement Science Conference (Los Angeles), 2002

TA011E: Non contact Laser Techique for Circular Contouring Accuracy Measurements
(C.P. Wang, B. Griffin) Review of Scientific Instruments – Volume 72, Number 2, February 2001

TA012E: Non-circular Contouring Measurement for Servo Tuning and Dynamic Performance of a CNC Machine
(C.P. Wang)

TA027E: Optimize the productive processes with fast and accurate measurements
(M. Colonnetti, G. Liotto)
APPLICAZIONI LASER Number 4, April/May 2005

TA030E: Measurement and compensation of displacement errors by non-stop synchronized data collection
(C.P. Wang, G. Liotto) LAMDAMAP 7th International Conference in Cranfield, Bedfordshire (UK), 27th-30th June 2005

TA505E: Vibration Measurement by a Laser Doppler Displacement Meter
(G. Liotto, C.P. Wang)

TA506E: A Multi-channel precise measurement of dynamic properties of moving object using Laser Doppler displacement meter
(P. Rubano, G. Liotto and C.P. Wang)
V Convegno Nazionale A.I.VE.LA., Facoltà di Ingegneria, Università degli studi di Ancona, Ancona, 27-28 Novembre 1997.

TA523E: Pulsation or Dynamic Straigtness Measurement performed on a Diamond-Dressing for Grinder
(G. Liotto)

TA524E: Static and Dynamic Calibration of a HAAS VF3 Vertical Machining Center